Danny James - Professional Home Inspector

How did I get here in Alaska? In 1993 we (my Family) came to Anchorage for a two week trip. Staying with relatives and traveling around seeing the sites Fairbanks, Tok and Valdez. I was in amazement of the glaciers, moose running wild along the road sides. We had wolves running across the road, a black bear in Valdez, the fishing boats in the harbor, it was amazing.

My brother-in-law (Harry) set up a fishing trip out of Homer AK. We drove down the day before and stayed in a motel. I was so excited, like a kid in a candy store. I had trouble sleeping that evening and as soon as Harry rose from his slumber. I was after him to head for the harbor. We arrive at the fishing charters only to be told the boat had been overbooked. The charter company realized what had happened and they started calling other captains in the area. We were so lucky, a captain said he would take us fishing. Just the Captain, Harry and I, usually the boats wouldn’t take just two customers, as the fuel costs wouldn’t cover the costs. This turned out to be a great trip. I caught a 150 lb. halibut yielding 94 lbs. of meat. What could have been a bad day turned in to a great day.

On the flight home we all were so excited telling our stories and how we enjoyed Alaska. In 1998 we decided to move to Alaska and haven’t looked back. The people here are true hardworking Americans. Alaska is truly the last great frontier.

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