Residential Inspection Service

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Alaska, you need to make sure that you have a home inspector come to inspect it first. If you don’t have residential inspections in Alaska performed, you could end up purchasing a home that has major problems without even realizing it. Home Inspections by James LLC specializes in providing residential inspections in Alaska and can set you up with an inspection on the home you want to buy.

During home inspections in Alaska, I will check a house from top to bottom to see what kind of condition it’s in. I’ll take a look at the exterior of it first to see if there are any issues with its roof, its foundation, and more. While I’m outside, I’ll also take a look at a home’s septic system to make sure that it’s up and running since it can be very expensive to make repairs to one or to replace one altogether.

After that’s finished, I’ll continue residential inspections in Alaska by walking through a house to inspect everything from electrical circuits and plumbing pipes to insulation and the HVAC system. I’ll also inspect crawl spaces, carpeting and other flooring, drywall, and appliances. Additionally, I’m a home inspector that will look for signs of water damage in a home & inspect fireplaces.

I have been performing residential inspections in Alaska for more than 10 years now and have personally inspected more than 500 houses. I’m based out of Delta Junction, but I can fly anywhere in Alaska to inspect homes. I can provide you with a one set price, including flight, food, and stay, and come to the home you want to buy to carefully inspect it. When I’m finished performing your inspection, I will give you a full detailed report with photographs that include recommendations about what needs to be addressed or fixed in a home before you buy it.

I encourage both home buyers and home sellers to attend their inspection so that they can ask any questions they might have. I would be more than happy to explain what I find in a home as well as what I think needs to be done to it before it’s sold.

Are you currently searching for a home inspector to provide you with home inspections in Alaska? Give Home Inspections by James LLC a call at 907-460-2822 today to arrange an inspection.